The forces of statism never rest, especially when it comes to the thought-control that is “political correctness.” The forces of political correctness never stop trying to enforce their agenda by using the force of law, and now they’re pressing their coercive agenda in New Hampshire.

Supporters of the radical politically correct agenda in the state legislature are working furiously to pass HB 478, the bill that will result in a change in law that will empower the government to use the force of law to silence or punish citizens who disagree with the popular politically correct ideology of the day. This further concentration of government power is not only unnecessary because the New Hampshire constitution is clear that all citizens are to be treated equally, but it also undermines many of our most fundamental and cherished rights. Just a few of these rights compromised include:

– Right to Privacy: Spaces that are sex segregated to provide privacy will be forced open to any individual who claims to be another gender – even though there may be no way to verify that what they claim is the truth.

– Freedom of Speech: Churches in other states like Texas and Iowa have been censored, with the state using policies like the proposed HB 478 as a weapon of state control.

– Religious Freedom: Churches, ministries, religious entities, and individual religious citizens will be forced to ignore their faith and comply or be hit with punitive fines and legal fees.

– Private Property Rights: Business owners will have no control over the policies in their own establishments, despite any concerns they may have for their customers or employees.

– Free Markets and Free Contracts: Interferes with the ability of citizens to freely contract with others for the purposes of employment, and may even be a further harm to transgendered individuals – it is often easier and less costly for business owners to deny employment to individuals of a protected class than legally defend a legitimate termination of employment.

What’s more, this change may undermine the safety of our wives and daughters. No longer would women and girls enjoy the cultural protection of keeping male potential predators out of bathrooms, locker rooms, and other places of privacy and safety. This bill would give voyeurs, sexual predators, and pedophiles unrestricted (and unquestioned) access to potential victims, all of whom will be ignored and silenced when their concerns are voiced.

Those on the political Left use misguided compassion for their justification, claiming that the effect of this bill is to “merely add gender identity” as a “protection against discrimination.”

Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. While the actual number of words to be added to NH law is small, and the change seems insignificant, this “small” change has a huge impact. It radically transforms the law and its reach, handing the government even more power. It prioritizes subjective (unverifiable) feelings over biological (verifiable) truth. It moves government from the realm of governing embodied persons to making claim over a mental state that rejects embodiment. In short, it expands the coercive power and reach of the government even further into the lives of New Hampshire citizens.

HB 478 will come to the full House for a vote as early as March 8. I urge you to join us in loudly denouncing this public policy that will serve to grow government and reduce the rights and freedoms of New Hampshire citizens. This leftist, politically correct, coercive bill must be stopped. We have already seen Republicans in committee join with the unanimous Democrat block to recommend that this bill pass – tell them to reverse course.

We will not stand for our freedoms being stripped, and the next election is less than two short years away. The RLCNH, for one, will be watching.

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