Based on their voting records, the RLCNH grades every Republican State Rep on two factors:

– How often do they vote with Democrats instead of with the majority of Republicans?
– How often do they vote with the Constitutions and platform?

The typical Republican State Rep votes 9% of the time with Democrats. He or she votes 89% with the Constitutions and platform. (By contrast, the typical Democrat votes just 5% with Republicans.)

Good Reps cast good votes because they follow Republican principles of limited government, individual liberty, and free markets. The bad Reps … well, not so much.

There are some “Republicans” who vote 20, 30, even 50% of the time with Democrats and against the majority of Republicans. Some vote just 60, 50, or as little as 40% with the Constitutions and platform.

Those Reps who vote badly are RINOs, Republicans in Name Only. Each day we will highlight the voting record of one RINO.

Please check back each day for a new RINO.
Archive of RINOS